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ChrissieThis is a play that everyone can relate to. What would you do if you picked up the wrong briefcase on your way home from the office? Take it the police, of course. But what if the briefcase contained nearly a million pounds in used banknotes? Well, what Henry Perkins did is the hilarious story of the play! Suffice to say that Henry’s wife ends up with a nervous breakdown, Henry ends up with his best friend’s wife, and a drug dealer ends up with Henry’s briefcase. There are also two policemenband a taxi driver whose lives will never be the same again. Funny Money is directed by Chrissie Kettle  with the following cast:

                                                      Jean Perkins          Sally Parkinson

                                                      Henry Perkins      Gary Huggins

                                                      Bill                            Frank Barker

                                                      Davenport              Colin Downer

                                                      Slater                        Mike Poole

                                                      Betty Johnson        Jenny Deal

                                                      Vic Johnson            Peter cox

                                                      Passer by                 TBD

Rehearsal Schedule Update

March 4th             Act 2 p1-66. No Jean. Bill not needed.

March 7th             Act 2 p66 -83. Davenport not needed.

March 11th            Act 2 p1-83. No Chrissie. Mike taking rehearsal.

March 14th           Act 2 p83-end.

March 18th           Act 2. No Chrissie. Mike taking rehearsal.

March 21st           Act 1 up to p31. Go through twice. Once with books. Once without.

March 25th            Good Friday   Act 1 p31-end Act 1. Once with books. Once without.

March 28th           Easter Monday   Act 2 p83-end.

April 1st                 Act 2 up to p75. Bills entrance. No books.

April 4th                P75-end Act 2. No books.

April 8th                Act 2 no books

April 11th              Act 1 no books

April 15th              No Gary. Bring costume that you have so far.  Act 1 no books

April 18th             No Gary. Act 2 no books.

April 22nd           With props.  Act 1 no books

April 25th            Act 2 no books. With props./ whole play

May 2nd               Whole play

May 9th                Whole play . Costume and props.

May 13th               Whole play

May 16th              Whole play

May 20th              Whole play

May 23rd               Tech.

May 24th               Dress.

May 26, 27, 28     Performance.


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