One of the most integral behind the scenes backstage crew jobs lies with props. This pulls on all resources; in plays props can range from tea sets to particular ornaments, paintings etc. For our pantos they become more elaborate – giant pumpkins, machines, magic mirrors the list goes on.

It is down to props to make and resource items needed; they are then placed on the night by the Prop master often inbetween scenes during blackouts or behind the curtains. They ensure all are ready to go on stage and be in the right place and are ready for the following show. Personal props are also used. It is down to the actors to ensure they are kept on their person and safe for the run of the show. Props sometimes seem small but the details they provide can make a huge difference to the plot and are often scrutinised by the audience. If you can find bargains, seek out particular items or lend an artistic hand maybe props master is the job for you!

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