NETG award nominations

The Orpen Players have the North Essex Theatre Guild attend their productions and adjudicate. They assess all areas such as FOH, set design, lighting, costumes, music, acting, directing, costumes etc. Each year the NETG hold an awards evening in which all groups they have attended productions for are piped against each other in the hope of wining prestigious trophies. This year the Orps have received 7 nominations see our list of hopefuls below.

  • King Costume award: Sleeping Beauty
  • Jean Jones award for set design/construction/dressing: Sleeping Beauty
  • Best Supporting Actress: Anne Sexton as Fairy Silence in Sleeping Beauty
  • Eric Dyster cup for best pantomime/children play: Sleeping Beauty directed by Ricci Mussi
  • Set design/construction/dressing: Prescription for Murder
  • The Norman Harris Trophy – Adjudicators award: Anne Sexton and Robin Warnes for the pair playing in Prescription for Murder
  • Best Supporting Actress: Chrissie Wenden as Julia in Prescription for Murder

Good luck to all our potential winners and congratulations on the nominations!


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