“Hi I’m Lorraine,
I joined the Orpen players purely by accident nearly 5 years ago. My son was asked if he would like to audition for a pantomime and seeing how much fun he was having, I wanted to give it a go. So my first ever panto had me as a sultans wife, a villager and the front end of a camel!! Since then I have been asked to be the animal in every panto since….the front end of a cow, the Gruffalo, and a duck! It’s great fun, but gets very hot under the lights. My favourite has to be the Gruffalo – after each show I would go front of stage and have pictures taken with the children, and a surprising amount of adults. Who says we have to grow up? And spreading happiness makes me happy.
This year, without an audition or a read through, I was asked to be part of the Autumn production. Serious acting…..and without an animal costume to hide behind! But it’s going well and we are having lots of fun along the way, saving the serious bit for the live shows. Our individual characters are starting to come out, and it’s good experimenting with voices and expression. I’m looking forward to my first proper play.
The Orpen Players are part of my extended family. My release and escapism from mundane day to day life, whilst entertaining people at the same time!”

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