“I have been connected to the Orps for years. My grandfather was a member from its formation, he even built the apron on the front of the stage. I joined in 2004 and my first panto was ‘Wind in the Willows’. From then I did various shows with the group from ‘The Ghost Train’ to ‘The Unexpected Guest’

In panto I was the regular comedy character every year until 2012/2013 when I played one of the Ugly Sisters in Cinderella. I haven’t done much since with the Orps as I’m pursuing a full time carer in acting. I am regularly busy and with my day job too my schedule is manic. I have performed all around the country including going to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and in London. Id love to come back to the Orps and play the Dame one year! The Orps was and always will be the first proper stepping stone into what I love. A very friendly open group.”

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