“I was lucky enough to be first involved with the Orpen Players on the occasion of their 30th anniversary production, A Murder is Announced  by Agatha Christie, in 1999.
I’ve acted with many local groups, but two of my best roles were with Orpen, when I was asked to play Petruchio (by the legendary Doris Griffith) in a short one act comedy The Merry Regiment of Women (which led to me playing the role in full in The Taming of the Shrew three years later), and then again when I played Sir William Colyer in The Deep Blue Sea, which won me an award as Best Supporting Actor.
The fun thing about Orpen is that they pretty much allow you to do whatever you feel you can do. I’ve acted in plays but I’ve also operated the sound effects up in the box at the back of the Orpen Hall. Pantomime is not really my thing, but I’ve enjoyed doing the sound effects for some of them, and it’s always a great bringing together of the community. I think probably what’s most fun about them is the tea and biscuits and conversation during rehearsals and during show week!”

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