Again due to some unfortunate technical problems we have been amiss but hopefully we are now back and keep you updated with all Orps news.


A complete success! We had 4 wonderful sell out shows. We produced something very different, it was the first time directing for Holly Snowling, she introduced a different type of advertising using the casts photographs. The programmes were written from the characters’ perspectives rather than usual biographies and part of the play was pre recorded in the village with the community as additional extras. This was then shown as part of the on stage play. The Orps were also very privelegd to have Mr Paul Mayhew Archer one of the original co-creators of Dibley come along to watch the show, address the audience and socialise with the Players. What an amazing accolade for the groups 50th year!


The Orps hold their annual AGM next month if there is anything you would like to put forward to the group as our patrons please do get in touch; we are a village group and want to be for many years to come and we appreciate all your support.


Mike Poole is directing our Autumn production. There are readings at the Orpen Hall 8pm on Monday 24th June and Friday 28th June. ALL welcome. whether you would like to act or be part of the team come along and have a chat, we are an open friendly group and there are so many little job roles to fill – get in touch if you would like to know more.


Lastly we are very active on Facebook just search the ‘Orpen Players’ and follow us – its a great way to stay up to date with what we have on plus you can contact us via facebook too.

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