JANE played by Lorraine Usher

“I’m married to Kevin the agent who represented poor Dave, I do feel starved of attention and affection but maybe that’s just marriage?”

LAURA played by Anne Sexton

“I’m the grieving widow to David. I’ve organised the most wonderful funeral suitable to fit David’s outstanding showbiz persona”

HARVEY played by Colin Downer

“I’m Dave’s script writer, his oldest friend, I’m deeply upset and hurt by his sudden unexpected passing”

VI played by Debra Hornigold

“I am the wife to Harvey who was the other half of the comedy duo with the poor deceased Dave, such a sad day for us all”

KAY played by Chrissie Wenden

“I’m an ex – show girl who worked with Dave in Cromer many years ago. I’ve come to pay my respects …….”

Meet our actors & characters

With only a couple of weeks left until show night we would like to give you a little clue as to who our wonderful actors will be playing in ‘Wife after Death’. Tickets are available by calling Roger on 01206 241048 or at the box office in  Ashes store West Bergholt.

Our Night at The Essex Oscars

September 2019 saw a group of the Orps attend the North Essex Theatre Guild awards, although we were nominated for numerous awards we only succeeded in winning Set Construction & Design for Peter Cox, who is a wonderful asset to our group with his multiple skills in set design, construction, painting, directing and acting! However […]

NETG Nominations

Each year our productions are adjudicated by the North Essex Theatre Guild; they then have a yearly ceremony celebrating the amateur dramatic groups and all they’ve seen. Nominations are sent out prior to the awards night and we are fortunate the have received a great handful this year. Whether we win or loose it is […]

Save the date!

Although we are a few months off production week make sure to save the date now so you are free to come and see our hilarious Autumn comedy – WIFE AFTER DEATH. SHOW NIGHTS OCT 10TH, 11TH, 12TH

About: Wife after death

Our Autumn production is a classic comedy by the playwright Eric Chappell, directed by Mike Poole; here’s a quick synopsis of the play and what you can expect from the Orps in October! ‘Comedian and national treasure Dave Thursby has died, and on the day of his funeral, friends and colleagues gather beside his coffin […]