Orpen Players

Community Theatre in West Bergholt, Colchester

What our members say

The Orps are a really friendly and welcoming group who will welcome anybody to the family
Anne Sexton
The fun thing about Orpen is that they pretty much allow you to do whatever you feel you can do. I’ve acted in plays but I’ve also operated the sound effects up in the box at the back of the Orpen Hall.
Joseph Sales
Pretty much anything he feels he can do
I love being part of the Orpen players, everyone is very friendly and welcoming both kids and adults. We are like one big happy family and I love the way we all come together especially at show time
Milly Hack

Latest news


West Bergholt Village Fete 2021

On Saturday 24th July, between 12 – 4pm, the Orpen Players will be at the West Bergholt Village Fete on the Lorkin Daniell field. We’ll be taking the opportunity to…

Raising for the WB playground 2020

Our next performance begins in 2020 – therefore we begin raising funds for a new cause/charity for that year. We have decided to support the local community and raise money…

Autumn is over – Thank you!

Thank you to all our patrons for coming along to support ‘Wife after Death’ we had wonderful audiences and great feedback. If you would like to see some of the…
Set build 2

Set build

Today saw some of our wonderful members constructing/painting the set for the production of ‘Wife after Death’ next week. If you ever feel like you would like to help the…

KEVIN played by William Groom

“I am Dave Thursbys agent, well I was until his recent passing. I am the most loyal associate and outside of work I am married to the beautiful Jane, we’re strict…

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