Stitch, Iron, Sew, Cut, Create….. COSTUMES

Costumes are on show from start to finish during any production, from the smallest aesthetic button, to the over the top extravaganza outfits for the panto Dame every inch is important. The costume team work tirelessly in the run up to any show with measuring tapes, scouring shops, and buying material to put together unique […]


Without the direct directions from the Director and Assistant Director (try saying that quickly!), there would be no shows! The Director has the biggest and arguably one of the hardest jobs; they have to decide upon a play and put it to the committee for approval, cast the play with the actors they think most […]


Another behind the scenes job that is more visible to our audiences is our Front of House team. FOH are the face of the Orpen Players when you arrive for a show. They are the greeting smile, the ones who pour the wine, help seat you, makes coffee/teas and provide any information you require. They […]

Time machine, Sausages, Cake, Tea set, Giant Pumpkin……… PROPS

One of the most integral behind the scenes backstage crew jobs lies with props. This pulls on all resources; in plays props can range from tea sets to particular ornaments, paintings etc. For our pantos they become more elaborate – giant pumpkins, machines, magic mirrors the list goes on. It is down to props to […]

The stairs lead to……. Sound & Lighting

At the top of the stairs behind the door many passers by are oblivious to is where our lighting and sound crew work their magic. There is a small window which they look out of down onto the stage. A relay between the stage microphone and the box allows them to keep up with the […]

What lurks up the dark stairs?…..

At the Orpen Hall at the opposite end to the stage right near the front doors there is a secret. A single door. A door that not many go behind, a door hiding a dark stair case. Where does it lead?! See our next post to solve the mystery….

Prompt…… Prompt please……..

When you’re on stage there is one person you could not be without, they are invaluable – the prompt. This person has the task of sitting in the dark behind set with a small torch, remaining hidden from audience view and being the safety net for the cast. A prompts job is to attend towards the […]

What is a Stage Manager?

As mentioned in our previous post we will be informing you as to what the differing backstage crew jobs entail. One of the most important roles lies with the Stage Manager. It is their job to keep cast and crew working in unison. We at the Orps use a walkie-talkie system between the SM and […]

Our backstage crew Autumn 2018

It’s safe to say without the amazing team behind the scenes the show would not go on; Director Colin Downer is proud to announce that a well established team are already set for our upcoming production – Secondary Cause of Death. Over the next few weeks we will be letting you know what the differing […]

Autumn 2018 – The Cast announced!

The Autumn production of Secondary Cause of Death directed by Colin Downer has been cast as follows: Charles/Cardew – Mike Poole Lady Isodora – Chrissie Wenden Puchlik – Ricci Mussi Captain Henrietta – Mary Weindling Cynthia Maple – Anne Sexton Lily Tuthill – Maxine Brundle Inspector Pratt – Frank Barker Nurse Ann Parsley – Lorraine […]