Save the date!

Although we are a few months off production week make sure to save the date now so you are free to come and see our hilarious Autumn comedy – WIFE AFTER DEATH. SHOW NIGHTS OCT 10TH, 11TH, 12TH

About: Wife after death

Our Autumn production is a classic comedy by the playwright Eric Chappell, directed by Mike Poole; here’s a quick synopsis of the play and what you can expect from the Orps in October! ‘Comedian and national treasure Dave Thursby has died, and on the day of his funeral, friends and colleagues gather beside his coffin […]

Autumn Play

Rehearsals have begun! Mike Poole is directing the comedy ‘Wife after death’ by Eric Chappell. The Cast : Debra Hornigold Colin Downer William Groom Lorraine Usher Anne Sexton Make a note in your diaries ready to see this cracking show in October 2019 to round off the Orpen Players 50th year!